• Marriage 2.0 to Screen at CineKink in New York

    So far, we’ve only seen the trailer, but if it’s any indication of the film’s story and scope, viewers are in for an intimately breathtaking look at relationships and sex. “Relationships are changing,” suggests the trailer, and through emotional writing and performances, and hardcore sexual content, the audiences gets to experience those changes narratively.


    -BaDoink Magazine | 02/25/2015
  • India Summer, Ryan Driller Open Things Up in Exclusive ‘Marriage 2.0’ Trailer

    Alternately erotic and emotional, “Marriage 2.0” contemplates whether an open relationship can foster growth and personal fulfillment.

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  • Backstage at the Year’s Biggest Movie: “Marriage 2.0″

    A joint production of Lionreach Entertainment and Adam & Eve, “Marriage 2.0” (written by Magnus Sullivan and directed by Paul Deeb) sets the rocky open marriage of India Summer and Ryan Driller against Bay Area architecture and the California coastline. The scenery alone — the bridges of the Bay, Sausalito, Pt. Reyes, Inverness, the Pacific Coast Highway — is a welcome break from Porn Valley McMansions (and their couches), but that’s not the only area where “Marriage 2.0” goes big.


    -NakedTruth | 09/15/2014
  • Gamelink, Adam & Eve Launch

    “This story is the example of the kinds of stories that adult needs to start to address,” Sullivan said. “‘How do we have successful relationships? What role does sex play in our lives? How can we extend the role of sex in our lives and still have both stability and sexual novelty and personal growth?”

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  • Gamelink and Adam & Eve Create

    “And the reason we’re doing this is, it’s clear that people want erotic content,” he stated affirmatively. “You see this all over on HBO. People want high-quality erotic content, and the fact is, mainstream is kicking our ass at this game right now. The only barriers of entry that we have left is showing hardcore sex because they’re doing a better job with narrative, they’re doing a better job with acting and they’re doing a better job with context. All we do is show hardcore sex. We’ve got to increase and improve our game, and that’s what this movie is really about. It’s about re-injecting the adult market back into the space of high-quality, relevant content production, thus continuing to a market beyond the hardcore male market.”

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