• ‘Marriage 2.0’ To Screen At CineKink Film Festival In Portland At Clinton Street Theater

    Groundbreaking Indie Film, Blending Hardcore Sex with Compelling Narrative, Helps Redefine Adult Cinema!

    SAN FRANCISCO (July 13, 2015) – “Marriage 2.0,” the groundbreaking adult movie that artfully addresses the complex question of whether it’s possible to have a committed relationship based on sexual honesty, will be screening in its entirety at the Clinton Street Theater in Portland at 9pm on August 5th.  The screening is part of the national tour of the CineKink Film Festival, where Marriage 2.0 won the coveted ‘Audience Choice Award For Best Narrative Feature’.

    “I was shocked and honored when “Marriage 2.0” was first recognized by CineKink and the festival audience and I am even more grateful for CineKink’s continued support of the movie, as full length features are rarely screened as part of the tour,’ said “Marriage 2.0” Screenwriter and Producer, Magnus Sullivan.

    ‘”Marriage 2.0” is a beautiful and artistic look at the changing nature of our relationships and the growing phenomenon of ethical non-monogramy,’ says Lisa Vandever, CineKink co-founder and director.  ‘What especially attracted me to the film was how it deals with potential conflicts like jealousy and insecurity, not glossing over them, but showing the importance of communication and honesty in moving beyond them to reap the potential rewards at hand.  The story of “Marriage 2.0” is a very relatable one for many couples who are looking to maintain intimacy and connection while seeking the excitement and spark of other explorations.  As our audience award reflects, there’s a real hunger for this type of story and I expect great mainstream appeal for “Marriage 2.0.”’

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    In addition to the award at CineKink, “Marriage 2.0” was named, ‘2015 Movie of the Year’ by the Feminist Porn Awards and has earned the highest accolades from both industry and mainstream media.

    Since its premiere on, the movie has captured the attention of film reviewers and writers across the globe, who hailed its production, performances, and unique elements.  “Marriage 2.0” has also screened at UCSB as part of the course curriculum in the Film & Media Studies Department.

    Iconic sex educator and filmmaker Tristan Taormino discussed “Marriage 2.0” on her VoiceAmerica™ radio show, “Sex Out Loud.” Taormino said, “It’s different than anything out there…There’s really strong acting…[The actors] have taken their craft to a whole other level…The cinematography is absolutely stunning. This has the production values of a mainstream film and even better than many independent films…Spectacular!”

    “Go run out and see this film – buy it!” added Taormino.


    Salon’s Tracy Clark-Flory said, “It’s a far more attractive and better-acted porn film than most. But it’s the focus on incorporating the explicit sex scenes into a well-developed narrative that really makes it stand out.”

    Gareth May, a contributing writer for British lifestyle and culture site, described “Marriage 2.0” as “a potential game changer for the porn industry.” May wrote, “The movie is most remarkable for its limited use of hardcore sex…’Marriage 2.0’ is a very different kind of porn film.”

    “This film is a legitimate achievement,” wrote contributor Joe Kukura. “It’s definitely a movie you will talk about after you watch it,” concurred writer Vanessa Pinto.

    “Marriage 2.0” features performances from adult entertainment stars such as India Summer, Ryan Driller, Dylan Ryan, Nina Hartley, and Mickey Mod, along with appearances from internationally renowned sex and relationship experts, such as Emily Morse, Chris Ryan, Marcia Baczynski, Carol Queen, and Reid Mihalko. The film follows a couple (India Summer and Ryan Driller) in an open relationship as they search for personal freedom, as well as emotional and sexual bliss within the context of an honest and committed modern relationship.  “Marriage 2.0”, produced by LionReach Productions and Distributed by Adam & Eve, delves into the nature of commitment and relationships by weaving hardcore sex into a compelling, touching, and controversial narrative, which ultimately drives a film that challenges the portrayal of sex in cinema.

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    About LionReach Productions:

    LionReach Productions is the brainchild of Magnus Sullivan, a screenwriter and producer from the Bay Area. Sullivan’s interest in the dynamics of open marriages, the challenges, and the opportunities for growth is a constant theme in his first two movies. “An Open Invitation” was Sullivan’s first foray into adult cinema and remains one of the bestselling movies on the subject. It earned star India Summer the 2012 AVN Awards Best Actress trophy. “Marriage 2.0,” Sullivan’s first film produced by LionReach, exponentially expands on the scope of “An Open Invitation,” making the Bay Area itself a character. “San Francisco is at the center of a relationship revolution,” Sullivan says, “And we aim to capture that in our movies.”  For more information on LionReach Productions’ new release, “Marriage 2.0,” visit

    About AdamAndEveTV:

    Nominated as ‘Adult site of the Year’ at the 2015 XBIZ Awards, AdamandEveTV is a subscription based membership site with a look and customer experience vastly different from other adult sites, designed to catapult Adam&Eve’s content into today’s evolving Cable TV and online entertainment audiences. Geared towards consumers of sites like Netflix and Hulu, AdamandEveTV provides access to optimized streaming video delivery and photography across multiple platforms from computers, to tablets and most mobile devices. Every week, more compelling, sexy, edgy, and narrative driven adult entertainment is added, including new and original features, such as “Marriage 2.0” from LionReach Productions. For more information, visit

    About CineKink:

    Founded in 2003, CineKink recognizes and encourages the positive depiction of sexuality and kink in film and television, most visibly through its annual film festival, CineKink NYC. Featuring a carefully-curated program of films and videos that celebrate and explore the wide diversity of sexuality, with offerings drawn from both Hollywood and beyond, works presented by CineKink range from documentary to drama, camp comedy to artsy experimental, mildly spicy to quite explicit — and everything in between. In addition to screenings, the annual festival also includes a short film competition, audience choice awards, presentations, parties and a gala kick-off fundraiser, all followed by a national screening tour. CineKink is online


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  • Marriage 2.0 is a unique and powerful film, intelligently and emotionally bridging the divide between mainstream filmmaking and the adult industry, and offering a really one of a kind cinematic experience.

    …a new film that delves into the complexities of sexual and romantic relationships, that mixes a gorgeously rendered narrative with artfully shot hardcore sex. And it’s anything but shy. The visuals, both sexual and scenic, are thematically striking, the writing is articulate and moving, and the performances transmit incredible subtlety and skill.


    -BaDoink | 03/28/2015
  • ‘… a high-quality, story-driven movie with explicit sex scenes that are in the service of the plot. ‘

    You are left wanting more, and wondering where it’s going. The sex is used to captivate and elevate and suspend. It’s a device in telling the story. Because of this, you cannot watch one scene of this movie and feel “satisfied,” because it’s all connected and everything refers to what has passed and suggests what is to come.


    -SALON.COM | 04/11/2015
  • ‘…erotic art for smart people’

    Magnus is the creator of Marriage 2.0, a revolutionary feature film that treats explicit sexuality as an intrinsic part of the characters’ lives, without resorting to worn out pornification. We discuss the challenges of trying to make erotic art for smart people in a market geared toward mindlessness.

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  • ‘There’s nothing like it out there.’

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